IRIS 60 by Fabrice Berrux
IRIS 60 by Fabrice Berrux

Iris H594

Design Fabrice Berrux


VERTICAL hanging lamp in white or ivory ribbon.
High power LED lighting with 0-10V dimming power supply.
Adjustable height of the 2 suspension wires fixed to the canopy (20-200cm).
Identical finish on both sides. 60cm diameter.

Dimming option 1: DALI - PushDim.
Dimming option 2: Triac phase-cut - 60% to 100% of lighting output.
Option 3: 5 or 8 meters suspension wires.


Two types of lighting effects are available :
- Simple Flux (LED light coming ONLY from the inner circle)
- Double Flux (LED light coming from BOTH the inner circle AND the outside circle).

Eclairage LED Simple Flux Eclairage Double Flux
Simple Flux - SF Double Flux - DF


Two colors of ribbon for two lighting sensations to choose from:
- White textile for warm lighting >2700°k (snow white)
- Ivory textile for very warm lighting >2500°k (wool white)

Blanc - Ivoire ON Blanc - Ivoire OFF
White - Ivory ON White - Ivory OFF

The dix heures dix technical departement can now study your own composition with IRIS pendants, by mixing the various available, standard suspensions.

color | aspect

  • White

  • Ivory

technical information

Download the product description (PDF - 251.36 Ko)


Maxi power
High power, 2700°K LEDs
H594.SF: 3750* lumens / 40W
H594.DF: 5200* lumens / 50W
100-240 VAC - 50-60Hz
Weight 1Kg
Class 2 - IP 20 - 960°C - CE
UL standard except Phase Cut
(* emission source)

Energetic Class



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