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 Dix heures Dix opened this site for the personal information of his(her) users.

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Dix heures Dix and the used logo are registered trademarks the reproduction of which would also constitute a forgery(imitation).


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 Dix heures Dix rest at the arrangement(measure) of the publishers(editors) of web sites to realize exchanges of links. She gives the email: to determine with the publishers(editors) the typologies of anchor of link for the implementation of an exchange.


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Private life

 The particulars concerning the user are intended at Dix heures Dix. The user has a right of access and rectification of the particulars communicated by means of this mechanism of follow-up of navigation in the conditions indicated above.

Besides, the users are informed that the data concerning them are the object of a treatment and that they benefit from a right of access and from rectification with regard to the data which concern them as well as of a right of additional information.

They can exercise these rights and obtain communication of the data concerning them with ten past ten o'clock.



 Dix heures Dix, his(her) leaders or employees would not know how to be held responsible for however damage it is resulting from a connection to the present site.

Put at the disposal information


The information appearing on the present site is formulated only as a rough guide, as is of the regulations on 2005/30/06. The existence of a link towards another site does not constitute a validation of this site or its contents. The responsibility of the publisher would not know how to be engaged as regards products, services, available information on or from this site.


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 In accordance with the capacities(measures) of the french law n°78-17 of January 6th, 1978 relative to the computing, to the files and to the liberties, the treatments of data realized from the site to were the object of a declaration with the National Commission of the Computing and with the Liberties (CNIL), under number 1477113.