dix heures dix @ Arts & Métiers Paris Museum: Design [R]evolution Exhibition

As a part of the Designer’s Days festival in Paris, from 4th to 16th June 2013, the Arts et Métiers Museum was home to the Design [R]evolution, an exhibition of modern design.

Three dix heures dix models were selected to take part in the exhibition:
two pendants in felt textile, designed by Ludovic Roth, JOSEPH and MARIA, and the K2 floor lamp, LED & white Dibond®, design by Fabrice Berrux.


K2 floor lamp during Design [R]evolution MARIA pendant during Design [R]evolution MARIA pendant during Design [R]evolution
K2 floor lamp(LED & Dibond)
Design Fabrice Berrux
MARIA  pendant in grey felt
Design Ludovic Roth
MARIA pendant in red felt
Design Ludovic Roth


Design [R]evolution Exhibition : a key event at the national museum Arts & Métiers during the Designers' Days festival.

The overall scenography of the Design [R]evolution exhibition was realized by ARRO studio, which has drawn on a modern graphic language to fill the gap between the museum's permanent collection and the contemporary pieces of the 'Design [R]evolution' exhibition.

'From a pedagogical standpoint, people are not used to discovering contemporary design within the museum; we had to find visual tricks obvious and accessible enough to address the largest audience and help them decrypting the origins of design', explain Erik Arlen and Ludovic Roth (ARRO design studio). 

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